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Thread: Star Trek Online PGP Profile Multiple Controller Configs

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    Star Trek Online PGP Profile Multiple Controller Configs

    This is my own made from scratch Star Trek Online profile that I would like to share with the community. I have worked on this on and off and improved this profile over about the last couple of years and it has served me well. I was very disappointed with Star Trek Online's built in controller support, it didn't work at all for me so once I found out about PGP I decided to make my own. Now any time I play I can't go without my PGP profile. I tried to make it feel as much like playing on console as possible and took a lot inspiration from controller schemes of games like Fable. Feel free to edit it to your liking. I included multiple controller setups for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Etc. Some may be more up to date than others. Feel free to give me feedback. First time posting a profile so let me know if I need to make any corrections.
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