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Thread: more drama?

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    more drama? (video is live)

    SO, i was told by rob i would be unable to get a refund because of the software having a trial, ok, that would be alright if that was all the message said, but sadly wasn't. for those of you that can not be bothered to watch the video, here is what he had said, copy pasted.

    "There are no refunds when there is a free trial... that's how every software company in the world works. There is no need to purchase before you tried the software, and you only spent $6. I see you posted a piracy video on youtube. I promise you that I will sue you for damages if you do anything like that again... I promise you that I will. I will hire a lawyer and I will sue you for the crime you committed... for now I just reported the video and it will be removed by youtube... but again... if you keep pushing this like you have some ground to stand on then I will see you in court. You paid $6 ****ing dollars for the software... do you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties over the cost of a hamburger? I suggest you talk to your wife and ask her if she thinks it's a good idea to keep trying to ruin my business over $6... this is going to get ugly for you if you make me go to court... this is open and shut case, the evidence of your crime is right there and a judge is not going to be sympathetic to you breaking the law just because you are pissed off... I sincerely hope my point has been made, but I will be watching as I always am watching for pirates like you. Grow up and think before you act. You may have lost $6 but now you have put yourself in a position to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously you felt "principled" to post that, but I also feel principled and you are messing with the wrong person. Too bad you couldn't just be a nice guy in the first place and maybe you would have gotten some help, but instead you are breaking the law and I will come and sue you if you don't back the **** off.

    -- Rob"

    OK, that is good to know! the last video i had posted on the forum and uploaded relating to PGP was , and in the video i had left in an unlock code for the first two minutes, oops, my bad. but instead of rob asking kindly to blur out the code (that i have already done) he threatens to sue me, that is also good to know!

    so please, this time watch the videos and understand, it is really sketchy to run a company like this, be more respectful to your customers and when someone asks for a refund, do not lash out and say the person asking for help and for a refund is an ******* and should be "a nice guy" in order to get help.

    in the video i even show the emails back and forth with myself and rob, and can someone please tell me how i am the complete ******* he claims i am?

    also, lastly, please prove my point and ban / delete this account as well, it will look so lovely in another video about this drama. more clicks over some pointless drama that for some reason makes someone think i can get sued over? sure, sounds good to me!

    Edit: just to make sure i have an actual record of the forum post this time, here it is...
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    You have your $6 back, now get the hell out of here and don't come back. You are not welcome here, especially after you posted your key on youtube. I don't know what makes you think that is ok but it's not. Now go away.

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