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Thread: Best PC Game Controller

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    Best PC Game Controller

    If this has been posted before, please ingore. Im new to this site.

    So, what is the best PC Game Controller out there today?

    I have been using the Xbox 360 Wired Controller. Just want to reach out to other PC gamers.

    I havent gamed very much on the PC, because i hate using Keyboard and Mouse. Now that i have found PGP, i want to get into more PC games.

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    Xbox one Elite > Xbox One > Xbox360

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    I personally think the dualshock 4 controller is the most comfortable to play games with as it has vastly superior ergonomics and button softness. But i have to choose the xbox one controller as the best controller because the wireless adapter makes it work with 100% of games that worked with an xbox360 controller. Its extremely compatible, you just turn it on and its connected to your PC instantly. With dualshock4 you have to use tools to make windows think its an x360 controller. Not to mention the 0000 pairing.. Its annoying.

    But the main plus for me is the removable batteries on the xb1 controller. At first this might sound like a con but its not. If you buy a battery recharger for $5 and a 4pack of rechargable double A batteries. You can play 2-3 weeks on one charge than just swap the batteries in 2 seconds (and recharge the deads of course) and you are good for another 2-3 weeks. The dualshock 4 controller needs to be recharged about every 4 hours and the micro-usb port sucks so it constantly disconnects.

    Xbox one controller + wireless XB1 bluetooth adapter for windows + rechargeable AA batteries =Winner by a longshot.

    Only thing i dislike about xbox 1 controller is the very hard plastic used for the top bumpers, they do not push down soft and seamlessly they just CLACK down so loud. And their surface is slippery as well.

    P.S. I own every single controller for every console and have tried using them all on PC at one time or another so i think i am a worthy candidate for answering this

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    Upvoting the dualshock 4 controller.
    Completely agreed with all that RandalMcdaniel said.
    Xbox controller is ok for windows pc or stuff.

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    dualshock4 controller

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    For me its definitely the dual shock 4 controller, its so ergonomically crafted and the buttons are a lot quieter than the xbox one controller. However you can try out some of Logitech's fine controllers. Some come with the unique feature of switching between direct input and xinput which makes it compatible with almost any game!!
    XBOX CONTROLLERS ARE THE OFFICIAL(and most recognized by games), BUT NOT THE BEST!!
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    Yes, I agree with you these game controllers are amazing. I usually play games on Xbox one controller and dual shock 4 controller, but I equally enjoy PC games. My friend recently got a new game collection of games like the FIFA 18 and Playerunknown's battlegrounds from online store. These games have come with all new updated and prove to be a treat for PC game lovers.
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