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    Arrow simple blood an souls profile

    made simple profile to play blood an souls with controller working on more it as I get time like said simple right top is left mouse left top is right mouse buttons are 1 2 3 5 hold down right stick to sprint bottom left is to jump d pad left is tab bottom right is f key for interaction
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    simple blood an souls profile

    tweeked it commands for go as follows

    move right stick
    camera left stick
    right bottom trigger F key interaction
    right top trigger left mouse button
    left bottom trigger space bar jump
    left top trigger right mouse button
    left stick button shift sprint
    right stick button 5 key
    d pad up f key
    double tap d pad up for char screen
    dpad left tab key
    dpad right x key
    double tap dpad right for i key invertory
    dpad down z key
    select button alt key hold to move cursor
    start m key map
    home button esc key

    1 1 key

    2 key double tap for q key 3 key double tap for e key

    4 key

    enjoy blade an souls
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