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    Arrow S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

    The existing profiles for Shadow of Chernobyl didn't impress me so I created my own and tweaked it over the course of a 50 hour play through. The mapping should be largely self explanatory but here are some quick notes:

    1. I was playing the Steam game with the Zone Reclamation Project (ZRP v1.07) mod installed that enables you to save a level snapshot, which is essentially a quicksave that overwrites the previous quicksave for the particular level you're on. It was my preferred way to save my progress through the game and I've mapped it to the Y button [Hold]. If you're not using the ZRP you may need to remap the Y [Hold] to a different save command.

    2. I've mapped D-Pad UP [Hold] to a Steam Screenshot at F12. Change it if you're not using F12.

    3. The two usual sensitivities you need to adjust to your own liking are:
    i) The Right Joystick: Mapped to Mouse. It's currently set at 75% horizontal / 65% vertical.
    ii) The sniper assist setting found in Edit Commands: Weapon>Aim w/Sniper Assist.

    4. To Sprint you just need to push LB once; you don't need to hold it down.

    5. Note the left stick click / hold functions that trigger bandages (small heal) and medkits (large heal). In most games there are one or two commands you need to use reflexively (i.e. a split second before you get killed) in order to save your proverbial bacon and in this game it's this. Keeping them on the stick means you don't need to waste time reaching for a button and this is one of the key things the other profiles missed.

    Happy hunting Stalker.
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