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    Short Story:I've been playing with PS3 Controller since I first started gaming Guild Wars 2. Tried on Windows and on OSX.If I need to chat in-game, I use the keyboard. But everything I do with the controller. One controller rules them all, well almost. With SHIFT-MODEsI can even play instrument with one controller. It's been setup what I find most logic.Setup:Before to make use full control, some keys need to assign in-game. Not modified but extra keys.Movement / About Face { x }Targeting / Nearest Enemy { SHIFT + t }Targeting / Toggle Snap Ground Target { c }Targeting / Toggle Autotargeting { z }Controller:Shift Mode - UnshiftedShift Mode - BLUE (L2 / LT)Shift Mode - RED (L1 / LB )Optional:I use sounds on: - Sound / Latch FX (ACTIVATED: Dot.wav, DEACTIVATED: Off-Screen Indicator.wav)- Targeting / Toggle Autotarget (Pause.wav)- Targeting / Toggle Groundtarget (Pause.wav)
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