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    I grew up playing PC games, but my son and I are playing this game together and he's a console kid. Truth be told I've grown quite fond of the controller so I've been missing proper support for it in Subnautica. Therefore the other night I decided to put together a Pinnacle Game Profile that I'm pretty happy with and seems to be working quite well for us. I thought I'd share it here.Subnautica-v03.pinDefault Mode
    • X - Tap to Use, HOLD to enter Container Mode (press and hold when looking at a container)
    • Y - Open Tablet (and enter Container Mode)
    • Back - Use Fabricator (use when looking at Fabricator to use it and enter Fabricator Mode)
    • Start - Pause Menu (and enter Menu Mode)
    • Left-Trigger - Attack
    • Right-Trigger - Attack
    • DPAD-Left - Select Previous Equipment Slot
    • DPAD-Right - Select Next Equipment Slot
    • DPAD-Down Puts away the currently equipped item
    • LB - Rotate Left (not currently working)
    • RB - Rotate Right (not currently working)

    Container Mode
    • X - Hold to drag items around with right stick
    • X double tap - Moves the item under the cursor between the container and your personal inventory
    • Y - Close container / tablet and return to Default mode
    • DPAD - Navigate around container slots (moves mouse width and height of a container slot)

    Fabricator Mode
    • X - Activate (left click)
    • Back - Close fabricator and return to Default mode
    • DPAD - Navigate around Fabricator rows and columns (moves the mouse the size of column and items)

    Menu Mode
    • X - Activate (left click) and return to Default mode
    • Start - Close menu without activating anything and return to Default mode
    • DPAD-Up/Down - Navigate up and down menu items (moves the mouse up and down the height of a menu item)
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