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Thread: Madden 08 configuration

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    Madden 08 configuration

    Let me preface here. I am completely new to gaming controllers in use with a PC and PC games. I am also completely new to Madden. Thus I wanted to ask here before i began screwing around with settings. Madden comes with its own setup for an xbox 360 controller(which i am using, duh ) which seems great EXCEPT it incorporates the swivle buttons. Which is quite frustrating since one is up left of the movement button(have to take your thumb off to use or move your other hand all the way to touch it).

    SO I didn't see any way to configure the controller in the madden game itself under options(i may be missing something of course). I want to use the pinnacle software to reconfigure, but I don't want to mess things up. Could someone give me a walk through for setting up madden or suggestions on what to do and what not to do?

    Thanks much!

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    Hmm... well I'm not really sure which buttons you mean as the "swivle buttons", but Pinnacle cannot change the way a game reads from the controller... so if you are trying to use Pinnacle with a game that already has built-in gamepad support then you need to find a way to disable that first so it doesn't interfere with the profile. But I can tell you that EA Sports games are probably the most difficult games to make a profile for, and it may not work much better than the built-in support.

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