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    Arrow Alien Shooter

    Genre: Shooter/Action/Sci-Fi
    Publisher: Sigma Team
    Developer: Sigma Team
    Release Date: June 12, 2003

    This Profile is for a Controller + Mouse

    This is my first Upload and mapped Profile. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome =).

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    I would recommend using your LT (left trigger) as a shift key and use a 4-way rather than the 8-way you are using.
    I find that the 8-way mode on any stick/D-Pad is too difficult to control reliably. It is too easy to get "in between" positions.
    Every game profile I have made has the LT as a shift mode. It allows consistency in any profiles I do.
    I use a game controller (F710)in my left hand and a programmable mouse (G700) for my right hand to get optimum speed/accuracy for aiming and looking.

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    With my old Profile, the Game was pretty much unplayable.

    I use now my Mouse for aiming and looking too and only the left side of the controller.

    I have create a cycle command for the weapon changing and it's better like the 8 way D-Pad mode =).

    I will try your suggestion with the 4 way switch mode too and will go with the easier one for me =)

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    i love this game but i use a PS3 controller to play it so i had to edit it to make it work as i want it

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