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    Picked up the Unreal Anthology Pack a few days ago. Here is my first profile i've made using pinnacle for Unreal 2: The Awakening.

    Hope you guys like it.

    For the in game dialogs you will use DPad Left and DPad Right to navigate. Press DPad left "cycle" through the menu numbers, and Dpad Right to select.

    (Example: You want to select Dialog Option 4, hit Dpad Left 4 times, then Dpad Right once. This will select Option 4)

    If you accidently press the Dpad too many or too little times, you can just simple go to the main menu or objectives screen, then hit Dpad Right to reset the the "pointer" associated with Dpad Left, then you can start the process over again.

    Quick Save by holding Dpad Up for 2 seconds. Quick Load by Holding Dpad Down for 2 seconds. This is just there so you don't accidently load or save unintentionally.

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