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Thread: [Answered] How to get this program on a computer with no internet.

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    Question [Answered] How to get this program on a computer with no internet.

    Hello everyone! I have a slight problem...

    I just built a gaming rig, but as of yet, it isn't connected to the internet. I want to buy this program and put it on it, but the only computer that I have that is able to connect to the internet is my laptop. Is there a way to buy the program, and then transfer it over to my gaming rig?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    yes, just buy it on your laptop,put it on a disk and install from the disk on to your gaming pc.

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    When you purchase a license, you will receive an "unlock key" in your email, so you don't need the Internet to register the software. So like cid67 suggested, just copy the Pinnacle trial setup to a disc, then take the disc to the computer without the Internet. To unlock the full version you just type in your "unlock key" then, no Internet connection required.

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