If you are facing annoying problems while playing or installing games in Windows, here is something useful for you.

Microsoft has released an automatic Fix It tool for Windows which can automatically diagnose and fix various issues with Windows games and online entertainment.

This new Fix it tool can fix several game problems such as you can't install a particular game or you can't start an online game. It can also fix problems related to game crashes. If you are using a Logitech controller and its not working for you, this tool can also fix this problem.

Sometimes you notice that Windows becomes very slow when you are playing games, this Fix it tool also tries to fix these performance related issues in Windows.

  • This automatic tool checks and fixes following issues:
  • Add-ons such as Adobe Flash that make Internet Explorer (IE) slow
  • Video card driver issues such as not running the latest video driver
  • DirectX 9.0 problems
  • Low hard drive space
  • Too many startup programs

While detecting and fixing the issues, it also tells you whether Internet Explorer browser history needs to be cleared or not. Clearing Internet Explorer history may help to solve many issues that may affect online play such as pages not updating or not displaying.

Sometimes video driver may be causing game to crash or fail. Keeping your driver up to date is an important part of improving game performance. This Fix it tool allows you to download and install latest driver for your video card.

On some newer systems, games using Direct X 9.0 may crash. This tool adjusts some DirectX 9.0 settings to fix this issue.

It also enables the High Performance power mode to improve the performance of your games.

You can download the Fix It to Diagnose and Fix Issues with Windows Games

For those who are interested can feel free to download all or any of the appropriate Microsoft Fix It Tools

There is also a portable version available with all the Microsoft Fix It Tools for people who do not have Internet connection