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Thread: Xbox Live To Add 30 Second Commercials

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    Xbox Live To Add 30 Second Commercials

    That’s right X-box Live gold users, now you will actually be paying Microsoft to watch 30 second TV spots in your TV and Video apps on Xbox Live. You see there just wasn’t enough annoying ads on your Xbox Live dashboard already…


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    good thing I don't own a console, as that would right royally annoy me to hell, MS are also a business, sure, but sony and nintendo have free online services, I don't know what the price of MS's onlive service costs, but if they got a lot of people, they would be making a mint, so why add ads? I think this a bad move, but Im sure when the 8 gen consoles hit, the XBL service will get a price hike and more adds gets added to the mix

    I think this may drive more people away from using their service to be honest, not a good move by MS, but adds are getting everywhere, even google has added adds to many of its videos, either as popup adds, or adds you got to watch for X amount of time, then can skip, its just getting silly, the amount of adds everywhere

    then lets not forgot sky, you pay a lot for their service, and they bomb you with adds, now MS is doing the same, its just really getting silly

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    I pay so I DONT have to see more advertising. this is almost as bad as paying 20 dollars to see a movie in the theater and than having to sit through a half hour of advertisements before the movie starts. do you know what happened to the movie theater as a result of the adds? they lost my business. when i get adds forced on me like this it just makes me go more out of my way not to support these products and businesses
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