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Thread: Basic sniper assist questions

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    Basic sniper assist questions

    Hi again,

    I have a few questions on sniper assist.

    1)sniper assist mode means that your mouse movment is slowed up to help you aim? (I have a joystick mapped to mouse)

    Using my xbox controller, lets say I want it so that when I hold down LB button, it will go into sniper assist mode. So I'd select sniper assist in behavior modifications for the LB button.
    So now I'd hold this button down whenever I want my joystick which is mapped to mouse, to have a slower movement to help me aim.
    2) Is this how it's done?

    I've done the above but didnt really notice the difference in the joystick mapped to mouse speed.
    Now I think I could go into joystick settings and lower the sensitivity of the joystick and hotswap to this profile with the lower joystick settings when I want a "sniper assist".
    3) Would this be the best way to go about getting a even slower "sniper assist"?

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    All the "sniper assistant" does is use the "quick setting ADJUST" and "quick setting RESTORE" event steps, it's basically a shortcut. Have a look here for the answer...

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    That thread you linked was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Rob.

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