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Thread: After installing PGP , Windows XP will not load

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    After installing PGP , Windows XP will not load

    Some people had the same issue, in this thread a few years back

    you should be aware it is still a problem.

    I have a blue screen, and Windows will not load, not even in safe mode. I researched the error and found this Microsoft help page:

    It states that this problem is usually caused by third party software (particularly "remote control software" changing the value of Msgina.dll . You should be aware of this and stop doing this, or warn XP users that your program is not compatible with Windows XP.

    I am still trying to resolve the problem, the forum post I linked to indicates that doing a repair install of XP will solve the problem; however this may delete files in the Documents and Settings folder, where all my important work-related documents are kept.

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    buddy It sounds like your in a bad way, and it does sound like an extreme problem for pinnacle to have caused. I don't deal with the programming side of Pinnacle itself nor am I aware of this problem so we have have to wait for the programmer Rob to try and fix this bug in Pinancle. However I may be able to assist you retrieving files from documents and settings, there are a few ways of doing this the easiest would be to download the ubuntu iso from here and then burn it to a CD-R with any burning software then boot your computer from it and choose the try ubuntu option, now you should have access to your C Drive from within ubuntu without Ubuntu and can backup to wherever. Really sorry to hear about your Problem though.

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    cura, I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble too but I am 100% sure that Pinnacle did NOT break your Windows XP installation and the link that you posted to was from an unresolved thread where the 2 users never even returned after my post... and reading my post I remember the situation and since the users never returned the issue was dropped but my understanding of what may have happened at that time was a quick response that later became irrelevant.

    There is absolutely no way that there is an XP compatibility problem with Pinnacle, I can tell you with complete certainty. Every once in a while someone has a problem after they restart their computer because of the Pinnacle installation asks for a computer restart and then something happens upon restarting that would have happened anyway but because installing PGP is what the user did immediately before the restart they naturally associate that with the problem. But it's not. I am 100% certain that all of PGP's files are perfectly compatible with XP, Vista, and Win7 and tens of thousands of users can confirm that fact. There is not a Msgina.dll file in the setup package or any modification of that file, I've never even heard of it.

    Even though I'm certain that PGP is not the cause of your problem, I will be happy to help explain how to save your documents if still need help doing so.

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    I too can vouch for what Rob said because there are a lot of help on different websites that can help resolve your problem with Msgina.dll take a look for yourself and you'll see.

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