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Thread: Automatically Launching A Game From A Shortcut

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    Automatically Launching A Game From A Shortcut

    In the past I've used shortcuts with the -launch[Profile Name] command to start Pinnacle Game Profiler and launch my game.

    But with an imported profile and shortcut that worked in the past Pinnacle Game Profiler just launches the profile but NOT the game.

    If I right click on the system tray icon and use the Launch Game function it runs the game's executable just fine- so I'm not sure where the problem lies. . .

    Upon further testing, the -launch command doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    Further Edit
    I figured it out. It seems the -launch command won't work unless the profile has been previously launched from the main Pinnacle Game Profiler window via the Play button. Even launching the game through the system tray icon won't do it, although it will launch the game. This seems like a bug to me. I sent an email to your tech support address which you can now ignore.

    - Ryan Paul Fialcowitz
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