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Thread: Complex Toggle action

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    Complex Toggle action

    Hey there, first off I just want to say I've been using Xpadder for a couple of years now and never knew how much more intuitive and superior PGP was until a couple of days ago. Kudos, I'm definitely planning on purchasing once my trial ends but I need to make sure I am able to do one thing before I break out the credit card.

    Everything else I needed PGP to do I figured out with help from the wiki and I'm loving it but this one thing is driving me a bit nuts here. I shifted though the wiki and some previous older threads but couldn't for the life of me understand how exactly to accomplish what it is I'm trying to do.

    I want to assign a toggle (for crouching in Crysis/Crysis Warhead) with the same button I have a double command assigned to. I want a button to toggle crouch when I press it and untoggle crouch when I press it again, while still maintaining the prone action when I hold the button down.

    The command I have is crouch when pressed and prone when hold which initially works. The problem is crouch is natively a hold action in game, no toggle for it so prone is the only effective action I get out of it. If toggling crouch was supported in that game I would have no issue here and it would do as expected.

    I just need someone to help me step by step and show me how to make the press button a toggle in a press/hold command. Its about the only thing stopping me from going ahead and purchasing the software without any doubts.

    I understand sticky is PGP's interpretation of toggle and it works if the button has a single command assigned to it, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to toggle the press in a press/hold double command.

    Hopefully I wrote this in a comprehensible manner and appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Check out this tester profile with the feature you want and see if thats it.
    Look at the layout commands and you can apply it to your profile to see if it works for you.
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    The way I would Tackle this is by making a Toggle Command for it in PGP, for example Crouch ON, Crouch OFF.

    This is what I mean,

    1. make two commands Crouch ON and Crouch OFF
    2. Assign Crouch ON To C (Or Whatever the Crouch Button Is) Down In Activated Commands
    3. Assign Crouch OFF To C Up In Activated Commands
    4. Then Make a Cycle Command With Crouch ON and Crouch OFF (In That Order) and Call It Crouch Toggle
    5. Then Assign The Cycle Command To The First Command of The Double Command and prone to teh Second Command of The Double Command

    Sticky is a good function but is best used for less complex operations

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    Ah, appreciate the help. Before I replied here I actually figured out how to unlock the console command and therefore was able to enable crouch toggle via console to test out my original press/hold double command.

    Unfortunately the crouch toggle remains activated when one attempts to prone meaning it won't cancel each other out for consistent switching between the two (unlike for example Call of Duty which does allow such action). Even on keyboard and mouse this seems to be an issue. Unfortunately I had to assign prone separately because of this. I'll also just reassign crouch as a sticky instead of having to enter console commands every time I play.

    I did fool around with the control scheme Errol posted and figured out how to switch the keys assigned to match the keys I needed for this particular issue but because of the problem I mentioned above it just wouldn't work. Thankfully, most games nowadays allow for a native toggle that behaves appropriately and allow other actions cancel it out so I only have to bear with this when playing Crysis/Crysis Warhead.

    Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated the help.

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