First, I want to thank you for this program. It is only one “alive” universal profiler at this day, that still in active development.

Please forgive me for possible grammar and spelling errors, or something that may seem like rude or disrespectful behavior, it is not my intention. Also sorry for the wall of text, but I think I need to describe everything in detail in order to make you consider adding suggested functions in future. I will try as hard as possible to make my post readable, but English is not my native language.

Why I write this post? Because PGP is great, but not too useful software for some people, myself included. I will try to describe why.

I searched for an alternative to PPJoy software for several years. And when I read about PGP on some forums, described like a program that can be used for same purpose, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I was disappointed for some degree, because it does not have any features I looked for. In fact, its functionality is almost identical to Logitech Game Profiler, which bundled with my joysticks and controllers.

But instead of just uninstalling it and wait patiently for another couple of years in hope that someone eventually make needed software, I decided to suggest adding these features to Pinnacle Game Profiler. In this case, it may become truly unique program, invaluable to every simulator cockpit builder.

I try to describe what features I talk about, and why I think they needed.

Some games do not support multiple input devices. And to make things even worse, some games (especially ones made by Microsoft) read input data directly from the driver, thus completely ignoring any profiler software. Also, some games select device by alphabetical order in system registry (one that placed on top of the list in HKCU\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaPropert ies\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM), ignoring ID settings.

Example: I have two joysticks, rudder pedals, separate throttle and some additional key panels. And I need to use all of them in one game. However, game only recognizes one device, and it will be good if this device is a joystick and not a throttle handle.
To make it work I need them all to be recognized as one single device with given number of axes/buttons and its own driver. Preferably, this device needs to be on top of the joysticks list in registry.

Some time ago, everything was all right. Everyone who needed to use their custom-build cockpit or play, for example, MechWarrior4 with controls they (not Microsoft) liked, were used a program called PPJoy (Parallel Port Joystick).

It all stopped when Microsoft decided to restrict usage of unsigned drivers in Windows 7 OS. Developer of PPJoy does not want to pay for digital signature, because it is a freeware program and he does not make any money with it. Some people tried to offer him money he needed to make it digitally signed, but unfortunately, he decided to stop development completely.
So at this point of time people like me, have only two options: to run Windows 7 in unsecure driver test signature mode, or to use older OSs like Windows XP. And constantly search for any alternative, no matter how expensive or hard to use.

Actual suggestion is to add virtual joystick with its own driver.

It will allow combining different physical input devices into one virtual device. In addition, it eliminates problems with games overriding profiler settings by directly using drivers. No need for installing hooks into game’s directory or override Dinput/Xinput. No compatibility problems, because games will see it every way it needed for the current task.

Of course, there are some drawbacks of this method. Driver will need to be digitally signed (it is why someone need a program other than PPJoy, in first place). And coding of drivers does not allow mistakes, they not crashes, they BSODs.

Please consider this as possible option for some future release.

Maybe like another, “premium” or “pro” version of PGP, that will cost 100-200$. I assure you, there are enough people who will be very happy to buy it. Because if they already spend 2000-3000$ and 1-2 years to build a cockpit, they gladly spend a little extra to make it actually useable in games it made for.