now that I can post stuff once more, well kickstarter really has taken off,

Wasteland 2 is currently at 2.5 mill a bit higher with paypal
shadowrun returns has reached over 1 mill and still a lot of time left before it closes, and update which they recently posted is that if the project reaches 1.5 mill of funding, they will add an exclusive backer only quests that ties in with the original shadowrun games, snes and saga genesis title, which I never played, but which so much time remaining its really easy reachable

and other game that has sprung up and asking for funding is a MP cops and robbers FPS

Police warfare

got some pros from different studios doing that one, it will be MP only it seems, not sure on what engine they are using, the game has been in development for a bit, but they asking for $325,000 extra funding, they currently used their own money to get the game so far, might be interesting if you like this kind of thing

so kickstarter really has taken off, anyone backing any of the above games? hope you do, yes it may seem a gamble, I put $100 into double fine adventure and $250 into wasteland 2, also Crate who is developing Grimdawn, (same people who did Titan Quest, they too are looking to do a Kickstarter campaign, if they raise enough money, they could hire a couple more full time devs, one of the reasons the game is very slow to appear is that there aren't that many people doing the game full time, many are part time staff, like the animation artist who still has to do 5 monsters, (make them move etc) and a few other things, they might be enough for alpha, but extra funding may help, but there still a lot of work to be done beofre there is an alpha release. not sure when the KS campaign will be up, but they will start one in a bit, will update when that happens

I think those are the main titles of interest, if these games prove successful, we have a very bright gaming future ahead of us