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    Hey, folks! I've had a blog up for a while providing tutorials on optimizing controller use in SWTOR: . But I figured I should actually take the time to provide my profile here in the PGP forums. So, here you go.

    EDIT: Hey, Errol! Your new profile is pretty much what I was trying to do...I just didn't configure it properly!

    The reason I suggested a double command was there are times when you still want the ability to click on objects (like looting), so I set my right analog stick's button (R3 on the PS3 controller) so that if I tap it, it does a simple click, but if I hold it for a moment, it stickies on (like your configuration does). Though now I think a single-click for clicking and double-click for sticky might work better.

    I've attached a profile with the latter configuration so folks can see what I mean. I also included an XBOX 360 version, cuz apparently the two profile types don't migrate well.
    (Note: These profiles are used in conjunction with a keypad, so if there's some commands you find conspicuously absent--such as jump--that's why.)
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