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    Arrow Bastion

    Genre: Action RPG
    Publisher/Co-Publisher: Warner Bros. InteractiveSupergiant Games
    Developer/Co-Developer: Supergiant Games
    Release Date: August 16, 2011
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    What is the story of the game about?
    In Bastion, you play as a young man who wakes up to find his world shattered to pieces in a surreal catastrophe called the Calamity. You head for a place called the Bastion, where your people were supposed to go in case anything ever went wrong. But all you find there is an old manů who believes he can fix everything that's happened, but he needs your help. You then seek out the materials necessary to complete the Bastion and realize its true power.

    This story unfolds through the use of real-time narration, so you will be piecing together the mysteries of the gameworld every step of the way, as the narrator conveys the greater meaning behind your every action. You can read more here.

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