Download Pinnacle Game Profiler or manual update latest version and install it! Then have your game setup and imported into PGP via the shortcut dropzone. To do the aforementioned simply open up PGP after installing it, at top right corner you'll see (1) GAME PROFILES, click on it and a window will open, you'll see (2) New button click on (2) New, another window will open and you'll see at the bottom right hand corner the (3) Shortcut Dropzone, drag your shortcut game to that point and PGP will immediately identify your game install folder. When that is finished click OK and you'll be back to the previous window, near the bottom left hand corner you'll see (4) Edit Configurations, click on it and yet another window will open up, here is where you'll see in the middle of the bottom left hand corner IMPORT. The file you downloaded can be imported at this point and then you'll see everything, and should be able to play your game.
Another thing that can be helpful is to Go to GAME PROFILES > EDIT and enable the "Launch as persistent profile" settings. You can have a look at the pics below to help clarify what I'm saying.

For those who would prefer to make there own profile/s can also use this info to help them and also the Help file provided with the installation of PGP.

NOTE: In some cases you may have to run PGP as an Administrator, depending on how you have your PC or Operating System setup to play your games or you'll just have some problems trying to launch a game via PGP.

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Image Guide How To Use: Just download the IGD file and then go to GAME PROFILES > IMPORT and point to the IGD file.
  1. From the main window click Game Profiles
  2. From the Game Profiles window click Edit Configurations
  3. From the Controller Configurations window, click the Import button

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Registering Pinnacle Game Profiler?
Start Pinnacle Game Profiler, when its opened on desktop, press F4 on the keyboard and you'll see a new window will open. On the lower bottom right hand corner you'll see Enter Key. Click on that button and another window will open to enter your registration. From there very CAREFULLY enter all the information MANUALLY. Please do not copy and paste, it will not work. Happy gaming and enjoy your fine purchase.

What's this Class Alpha Stuff Mean? Please checkout these thread posted by Pinnacle Marco

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