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    Arrow Dragon Age Origins [Mouse+Navigation Pad]

    This config is probably the best config for dragon age origins as it allows a console feel (with analogue movements) as well as retaining the "Point and Click" mechanic which works so well for the game. If you haven't [layed this game yet due to bad controls then try this config if you have a PS3 Move Navigation Controller. This Config is only for the Playstation Move Navigation Controller and a Mouse

    Here are some notes also included in the profile:
    Toggle Run/Walk should have *(Numpad) as a secondary binding.

    While in Mouse Look Mode Moving Stick While Holding L3 will cause to Move Left/Right and Camera Up/Down With Stick

    If RMB is pressed while in Mouse look mode You will have to press R1 twice to use Mouse Look Mode Again

    Stick: Move (with Analogue)
    L3: Adjust Camera with Stick (Hold to Modify Stick)
    D-Pad Up: Hotkey 2
    D-Pad Right: Hotkey 1
    D-Pad Left: Hotkey 3
    L2 Trigger: Pause Action (for Tactical Combat)
    L1 Bumper: Toggle Using Camera With Mouse and moving with Stick (Mouse Look)
    O Button: Hides the menu Interface
    X Button: Highlights Objects/NPCs around you
    PS Button: Pause Game
    LMB: Click/Hold and Drag to Highlight
    RMB: Action/Move To Position
    MMB:Pan Camera (Zoomed Out)

    All other things can be clicked on easily so there is no real need for them to be included here.

    Please give feedback on the profile, and enjoy.
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