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    Hi guys this is a perfect way of playing gta san andreas with a controller. It uses Pinnacle but more relies on this amazing mod I found for the game.

    This mod/Pinnacle combo is more for those of us with xinput based pads, however will also work with any class alpha based controller, The most common Class Alpha Pads, that are not the 360 controller, (like the Logitech Rumblepad, Logitech Dual Action) will work pre-configured for San Andreas without doing anything, and be set up like the PS2, so there is no need for this. If you cannot get your pad to work with san andreas try this.

    This mod removes the video before the GTA - San Andreas Title comes up just so you know.

    You will need to copy files to your game directory to make this work. The files are included in the archive, in a folder called game directory. I advise you make a backup of vorbisfile.dll before continuing, as you will be overwriting it. Copy all of the files to the San Andreas directory, overwriting vorbisfile.dll when asked. Now import the profile in the archive [San Andreas.Pin] into pinnacle, like you would any other profile. To use this properly you must change some things in game. First Make sure the control scheme is set to mouse and keys, then go to on foot controls and change Forward so it is only W (Use Backspace to erase Mappings) Backwards so it is only S, Left So it is only A, and Right so it is only D. Then change zoom in to only X, and Zoom Out to only Z, Change Enter/Exit to Only F. Then go to vehicle controls change left to only A, Change Right to only D, Then change Steer Forwards/Down to =, and Steer Back/Up to -. That's it, it should now work.

    If you would like your pad set up like the PS2 layout then go to your game directory, go into the scripts folder, open up XControls.mode.txt and change the line that says XBOX to PS2.

    I did not make this mod I just made the profile, I found the mod on a website.

    Notes about the Profile:
    The Map can be used, but it is not as it is in the console version. to use the stick as a mouse on the map hold RB. to navigate around the map use the d-pad. to set a target on the map use B, to get an overview of the map press Y, to leave the map press A, Zoom in: RT, Zoom Out: LT. X displays the Legend. To display the blips menu hold LB and tap X, to change it keep LB held down and use the D-pad. The menu will disappear when you let go of RB, so keep it held to display it. All other functions in the game like the console version, (Accept hints about what buttons to press, Obviously)

    Questions and feedback are always appreciated, enjoy.
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