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Thread: Load profile on gamepad attach event

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    Hmm.. not sure about the crash but if it happens again or you can figure out how you crashed it then let me know. Not sure about why the detection is starting and stopping, but I can tell you that persistent profiles cannot be auto-detected so that maybe had something to do with it before... or also if you are in an expired trial then auto-detect is disabled too, but if you or some program rolled the date backwards for a day or two... then it would be considered expired until the correct date was reach again... so if that happened it could explain why it started work again. But then again if that were the case then you shouldn't have been able to play for more than 15 minutes at a time during those "catch up" days either if that were the case.

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    hmm the persisten profile may be the problem I think.
    Ill make sure not to use that, worth a exclemention mark behind the box maybey

    It was only on day 3 of the trial and then I registered, no fiddling with dates also.

    Ill keep an eye on the crash.

    Thanks for the support,
    I did a check on the base of the joysticks, and your right, this gamepad's joysticks indead use a round base. And my Logitech rumblepad does a full square. Well all good to know

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