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    Arrow Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Alternate Profile w/ Official Profiler

    I created an alternate profile for Rumblepad 2 (PS2-like controller) which emulates the original PS2 controls (sort of). This profile was created using the official profile, and for simplicity I have retained the original official profile in the PIN file.

    The new profile contains (1) new cycle command: night vision goggles -> infrared goggles -> normal vision. This new cycle command is not used in the new profile.

    The new profile summary:
    - L1 & L2: Decelerate & Zoom Out/Accelerate & Zoom In - These control the speed at which Sam Fisher runs, which require constant adjustment while controlling both thumbsticks.
    - R1 & R2: Alternate Fire/Fire
    - Square: Draw weapon, use item
    - X: Interaction (unchanged from official)
    - Circle: Back to Wall (unchanged from official)
    - Triangle: Jump/Split Jump (unchanged from official)
    - D-Pad Left/Right: Night Vision/Infrared (these essential controls were missing from the original profile! They are now identical to the console version)
    - D-Pad Up/Down: Binoculars/Change Fire Rate
    - Select: Whistle (now conveniently placed out of the way, so as to not be whistlin' dixie for no reason)
    - Start Button: Open OPSAT
    - L3 (click left thumbstick): Crouch/Stand
    - R3 (click right thumbstick): quick inventory (as in console version)

    Controls missing from this profile:
    Next weapon, reload, quick save, quick load, pause (use OPSAT to pause)

    @Pinnacle [Rob]: If you'd like to replace your official profile with this one I can see no disadvantage; the inability to adjust night vision and infrared make your default profile literally unusable. No credit is due, and you're more than welcome to delete this thread to prevent user confusion. Hope this helps!
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