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Thread: PS3 3 in 1 Remote, Wonderful HTPC Controller

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    PS3 3 in 1 Remote, Wonderful HTPC Controller

    I had posted this in another support thread, then it got put in the Xbox 360 chatpad thread. With the responses I have seen I think it will need it's own thread, so here we go.

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    I use an off-brand PS3 Remote keyboard with this software, and i'm positive it's the most cost effective micro keyboard and mouse solution for HTPC's

    It can be found at this sketchy website, taobaodao.

    I got the thing for $35 shipped, probably the best deal I have gotten on anything nearly this awesome. I will probably be making an image guide for it soon so more people can understand how awesome it is to have a full qwerty behind a regular remote in the style of a slider phone.

    The combo of this software ($20) and this remote ($35) is much better then shelling out several hundred for a micro keyboard from Logitech like the diNovo. Plus, the keyboard is only exposed when you need it, so it looks like a regular (albeit fat) remote when the keyboard isn't slid out.

    I hope someone else finds this cheap combo as effective as I did at controlling their HTPC. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdawgzim View Post
    Wow are those analog sticks to the left and right of the keyboard? That looks like the Ultimate HTPC device!!
    Yes, they are analog sticks. I mapped the left one to the mouse with Pinnacle. The right one was a little wonky to get working, so I left it unassigned. The issue is that the zero position on the stick is all the way to the left, not in the center like it should be. I'm sure with enough configuring in Pinnacle it could be worked out, but I didn't find it necessary, so I just don't use it. I mapped left click to R1, right to R2 and middle to R3 which, when it is slid out, are right above the right analog stick.

    Was it hard to get working? Can you make it also operate as a game controller and a mouse on the PC?
    With Pinnacle it was a breeze to get working. It shows up in windows as a regular 13 button game controller, and the keyboard works just like any regular USB keyboard. (meaning that before windows boots, you can use it to type in your password at login, because it doesn't need Pinnacle for the keyboard to work, windows sees it as two devices, a game controller and a USB keyboard.)

    Works great as both, although it is not comfortable enough in it's unfolded form to be used as a permanent controller. We have played Worms Armageddon (yes the old school one, it's the only one worth it) with it several times and once you get the button positions down it works fine.

    Can you write a review of the product for us, please? How clicky are the chatpad buttons? Is it well made? Do you think it'll last?
    This is where I will downplay it's awesomeness some. The plastic is cheap and feels like it could easily break if dropped from a normal table or counter height onto a hard floor.

    It's thick, and when it's slid up into it's keyboardless form it's an entire inch from the surface it's sitting on to the surface the buttons are on.

    On the remote face, the enter button in the middle of the d-pad, the x button, the play button and the pause button are all mapped to the same game controller button, so windows doesn't know the difference between them. This leads to a short button explanation for someone who hasn't used it before, but everyone has seemed to understand after I give them the downlow. I have the square mapped to enter, and select mapped to escape, and that seems to be the best configuration for Boxee.

    Sometimes, especially if one of my room mates throws it, it will conk out. It has a recessed reset button on the back to bring it back to life, but a toothpick is needed to get after it.

    The keys are all rubber, not plastic. So there is no "clickyness" when you type. I get along with it just fine, as a normally only use the keyboard to type out searches in Boxee (for youtube, pandora, netflix, etc.)

    My room mate however can't seem to get it to work, and several times has pushed too far on the key, getting it stuck beneath the plastic bezel. This is easily fixed with a toothpick, to get the rubbery button back into it's place. It never happens to me though, and blame my room mate's failure on his inability to adapt to anything he can't smash to make work.

    I also have a bluetooth mouse and rolly flexible keyboard (both easily stored in a small space next to the entertainment center) for when I want to game on my HTPC. (sometimes my room mate gets it out to do searches and doesn't roll it back up, causing a few trips. He needs to learn how to make things work without smashing) I only do this because I like WASD and a mouse more than dual joysticks.

    Overall, it was WELL WORTH THE MONEY I SPENT ON IT. It took nearly two and a half weeks to get here from taobaodao in Hong Kong, and I had no idea whether it was going to work with PC's or not when I got it, so naturally the anticipation was high. The fact that it did work the way I thought it would definitely made me appreciate it quite a bit regardless of the flaws mentioned above. The website I got it from, while written in patchy English, was nice enough to give me a free mouse pad with my order, which I now keep with the keyboard and bluetooth mouse near the HTPC to game with, so that was a nice surprise. They only accept paypal however, so if you don't have an account you will have to set one up before you buy this thing.

    All that being said I use it every day and I love it. I even sent my brother some money on paypal for Christmas so he could buy one himself.

    If anybody has any other questions feel free to PM me, or just ask about it in a reply.

    Hope this was helpful for everyone.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Took your advice and bought the remote, and i admit i was skeptical. But once i realized that it was recognized by windows as a standard joystick and keyboard. i was amazed.

    I didnt have the calibration problem with the right stick at all. perfectly calibrated in pinnacle on first try.

    When are you gonna release that imageguide?

    i also had a problem with the spongy buttons on the keyboard, perhaps i hardware mod is in order...

    anyways i could probably even game with this thing, albeit not well.

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